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Amy & Kate’s Shitcom Saturday!

If you know me below surface level, beyond sexy times, my primary interest is comedy – standup, sitcoms, podcasts, web series – I devour everything, ever since I was wee, listening to I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue on weekend lunchtimes, and falling in love with Blackadder. If I could swap being able to write cracking sex scenes for writing cracking jokes I wouldn’t hesitate to make the trade.Which brings me to Shitcom Saturday. My friend Amy and I have a habit of watching TV shows together while we’re apart (long before lockdown made it cool). Usually it’s something from the alternative comedy scene of the mid-late 90s – Lee & Herring, Harry Hill etc.This time I suggested we subject ourselves to two of the worst sitcoms of the last two decades, handily both available via UK streaming services – Last Man Standing starring Tim Allen and Anger Management, starring everyone’s favourite sex toy ambassador, Charlie Sheen (hey, there is a link to sex stuff here!).Then, two things happened late this month. The threats against black birdwatcher Christian Cooper by white dog walker Amy Cooper, and the murder of George Floyd on May 25th. And each day the news from the states is horrifying, heart-wrenching as white brutality against black citizens seems to be escalating at an accelerating pace. As I type, People are protesting, rioting and hurting as they try and make sense of this hateful world.Navigating how best to use your white privilege can be overwhelming – We are therefore using ours to endure eight hours of misogynistic, right wing ‘comedy’ in the name of charity.Donations can be made to Black Lives Matter, Kids of Colour, The Black Curriculum or The Black Cultural Archive and if you screen shot your email receipt of a donation of £5 or more, we will enter you into a draw to win one of the following:

  • This fetching Tories are Cunts mug from FanGrrrl
  • This gorgeous A5 Masturbation is Fucking Magical Print from Doodlepeople
  • A stylish Shut Up Morrissey tote in burgundy or black from FanGrrrl
  • A True Crime Podcasts are love print from FanGrrrl
  • A Peep Show colouring book and colouring pencils

(Important Legal Stuff – Please don’t gift aid your donation if you want to be entered into the draw). Please note Mug, Print or Bag in order of preference, should you win. We can post the totes and prints internationally. The Mug will be UK only.Below we have some lists of what are allegedly the worst episodes of both series. A £5 or more gift aided donation will give you the opportunity to nominate an episode to torture us with.We will also be live tweeting from our lovely, shiny @ShitcomSaturday account from 4pm-12am on Saturday the 6th of June, for anyone who wants to track our progress.Please get involved, and donate if you can!Top 10 Worst Episodes of Last Man Standing According to IMDBEvery Episode of Anger Management Ranked (Oof)

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