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Make Believe

Let’s pretend we’re gonna fuck. See, your ears have pricked up, haven’t they? Your eyes are sparkling and you’ve gone all puppy dog. I’m going to suck your dick first. See my mouth? I’ll open it up real wide for you. See how wet and pink the inside is? Just ready to be invaded. And here is my tongue, painting every corner with thick, syrupy saliva.

So get your cock out. I know it’s hard. I know you’ve been thinking of me. Thinking of me for a long time. Wanting me for a long time. And isn’t it nice to satisfy a craving?

And I’ve been thinking of you. Well, thinking of your cock tenting in your boxers and rubbing you over and over until you make a hot white mess in them.
Of course I look like the dumb puppy now, cramming that dick in my mouth after a couple of tender, teasing licks. Who says I can’t want to choke on it? Feel you thicken in my throat whilst I dig crescent moons into your tense, trembling thighs. Now is all sensation, of warm, pulsing constriction. And wet. So wet.
Honestly I’d have you come in my mouth. I like that. You like that. A blow job doesn’t have to be a prelude to a fuck, it’s a fuck in and of itself.

You’re fucking my mouth, after all. Thrusting into vacuum suction, saliva-filled perfection ringed in pink lip gloss. Drool seeping out of the corners, vampire-like down my jaw, neck, tits.
While you’re fucking my mouth I writhe and grind as if you’re fucking my cunt. My cunt can wait, though.
Come in my mouth. I like that. Treat me right and I’ll spit that come right back into your pretty mouth.
You like that.

Masturbation Monday


  1. Starcross Starcross

    This was powerfully erotic and perfectly paced. Lordy lordy lord.

  2. Now only is this sexy AF to read, but the voice is so strong. Love it!

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