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Magical Cunt

A wise woman once said that ‘Self-examination is all well and good but is it really necessary after lovemaking?’. To which a second wise woman – some might say wiser still – replied ‘Lovemaking? No. Fucking? Yes.’
Whereupon the first woman rolled her eyes and returned to sleep.

It had been an hour or more since they’d fucked. Since Judith’s fingers had been so deeply shoved inside Eleanor’s cunt, the scent of her travelled down her wrist and caught in the fine dark hairs of her arm. Legs and arms wrapped around one another, rubbing, chafing, opening one another up like flowers. Lips to lips; tongue to cunt, cunt to tongue. Bite marks on Judith’s breast, thigh muscles sore with pleasure upon pleasure.

The laziest, wooziest of Sundays, when one really ought to be at church but chose instead to prostrate yourself before the altar of earthly pleasures; debase and expose yourself to your new deity. Judith had fallen into thin yet nourishing slumber with her mouth pulling slightly at the swell of Eleanor’s breast, roused only when Eleanor began her biological assessment of her nether regions in earnest, arm and elbow knocking against her brow.

Judith drew back grumpily, frowning as Eleanor spread the lips apart,twisting the hair about her fingers as she went. The scent of it permeated; come, spit and sweat all mixed up in a drowsy heat as Eleanor angled the mirror of her powder compact so she could see herself without craning her neck over.

“I believe in the magic of my cunt, how pink and slippery it is, still. I find it marvellous, you know. When I use the lavatory and the paper comes away in a slither of snail rather than damp, all these hours later. Ready to begin again”

The words sounded startling, seemed to echo off the bedlinen. Judith closed her bleary eyes and opened them again.

“Slippery little fish. Cunt full of magic.” Eleanor whispered to herself, fingering the damp curls around her vulva. Judith twitched and rolled over, away from the dissection table, and raised her knee to her chest, her fingers to her own cunt.

“Slippery little fish.” She repeated, still disorientated from sleep but her fingers knew better, spread and stroked.

She sighed and felt Eleanor shift behind her

“And how is my slippery little fish?” came a heavy voice at her ear, and a hand under her thigh, smoothing the length along to the back of her knee, which made Judith giggle. “How is her magical cunt?”

Her cupped hand travelled backwards, inwards, inside with remarkable efficiency and Judith gasped, still otherwise silent. The soft sucking of Eleanor’s fingers and her lips patterning kisses across Judith’s shoulders were the only sounds. As Eleanor rocked deeper and deeper, Judith’s own fingers rubbed her clitoris, each circle sending lighting shuddering through her muscles.

“Yes, sweet girl.” Eleanor breathed as her fingers were pressed and constricted, and her own slippery, enchanted cunt grew wetter, began to flex and twitch in sympathy as Judith’s climax rose and rose until she curled into herself, pulling Eleanor’s arm around her, moaning sweetly.

“Such magic.” Eleanor whispered, kissing Judith’s ear.

“Bob off.” Judith replied, lacing her fingers around the palm caressing her belly.



  1. […] Magical Cunt by Lessons in KateI read this tale of vigorous sex ‘on the laziest, wooziest of Sundays,’ with a huge amount of enjoyment. The wordplay and wit was astonishing. Two lines of many, stood out for me. ‘Since Judith’s fingers had been so deeply shoved inside Eleanor’s cunt, the scent of her travelled down her wrist and caught in the fine dark hairs of her arm.’ and ‘The words sounded startling, seemed to echo off the bedlinen.’ I don’t think Eleanor was at all sorry she hadn’t gone to church that Sunday. […]

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