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One Night

A red lips push up bra dress you can’t sit down in night. A smudged mascara choke on my cock, choke on it slut, choke sort of night. A night full of those stars that never appear on ordinary nights. Diamond stars. I suck your cock in the back of the cab. Splutter. Slip. Suck. Hair flick. You tip and I suck, back against the splintered front door, chips of red paint in the fur on my coat. Spit-come-spit-wine-spit-come-wine-come on my face on the front door on the bannisters. Smile and say thank you, sat on the stairs with that slut smile on your face and you’ll kiss me won’t you? Bear hugged on the communal carpet and whisper you love me.

Can’t make noise here. Slip suck hair flick – pick me up and put me back askew, dishevelled, blinking against the bleached white light.

I drink, drunk on you on blood on sweat on 2am lying on your bed hearing you piss in the ensuite bathroom and wanting you more with every beat of my heart, every night like this.

I drink the water, hydrate, finger my cunt and suck the fingers, stuck the fingers into the short glass and you’ll gulp down the taste of me in time. I am not your one night stand.

I finger my cunt and theatrical, not quietly in the shared house, shake the foundations with passion and sweat and you stand in the doorway and watch and say nothing and watch and I can smell the dry soil in the aloe vera plant on the windowsill behind me and I finger my cunt for no one but myself and I come too loudly and I cry and weep and my lashes crust with salt.

My mouth is dry.

Too hot this summer. Too hot this body. Too hot this room in a scalding town. The tepid glass is torturous respite. I swallow. I swallow. Swallow and pour the water along my neck, a river between my breasts, coursing over my stomach and nourishing the forest floor between my thighs.

I finger my cunt, the fecund terrain.

Cover my eyes with the free hand.

You finger my cunt, lie at my feet. Kiss the crease of weight at my hip. I jerk, weakened.

You finger my cunt. Bite and work your mouth. Push my wrist deeper. Hear me gasp. Over and over and over. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. I need it. It hurts. I need it.

Teeth are sharp. Bites like wolves. Tear me apart. Ravenous. You drink me. Devour me. Swallow me down and down and I disappear.

Masturbation Monday



  1. Wow, this is stunningly powerful. Radiates with need. Beautiful!

  2. Oh this is GOOD. Powerful, actually. Love, love, LOVE!

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