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The Library Club Part II

Part I Here

puppy’s tender nipples were so stiff they ached under the gaze of these twelve strangers. For the first time since she had received her confirmation letter, her heart dropped to her stomach and she wondered what was about to occur. It was only knowing Mister was nearby that steeled her as The Chair approached.

He curled his finger under her collar and yanked her forward, chin jutting upward and her eyes widening.
“Stand up straight, puppy.” He admonished, punctuated by a slap across her cheek.

To his peers, he said the following.

“My fellow lovers of the vile, vivid and virulent, welcome. Your dedication to the club’s aims of sensual, consensual desecration is appreciated and celebrated. It is midday; time for fresh meat.”

He placed his hand on puppy’s back and pushed her forward.

“Joining us today we have puppy, a stupid slut with no morals whatsoever. Touch your cunt, puppy.”

She reached between her thighs without a second thought and fingered her sodden slit, already blushing. As she masturbated, The Chair spoke again.

“This fat little lump appears innocent and plain at first glance, but as you can see she has no issue debasing herself for strangers on a single instruction.”

It was a sharp, painful truth – she had bent her knees, for better access to her slippery cunt but also to better show off that cunt to her audience. Her fingers disappeared inside and she fucked herself the way Mister had asked her to a hundred times. And yet this was nothing compared to what was to come. Nothing at all.

“Stop. Lie down.” he pointed to the bench; its icy surface made her gasp as she descended. A figure in a brown suit was before her; they removed her knickers and dropped them onto her face, shameful and damp.

“Spread your cunt, slut. Your holes are to be inspected.” The Chair continued, and puppy spread her pretty, swollen cunt for her captors.

“Eyes forward, puppy. Eyes forward to keep you out of mischief.”

She had only the tiniest inkling of what they would or could do to her. The forms she had filled in with Mister’s assistance had her list her boundaries, her limitations, her deepest and filthiest desires, but no correspondence since had hinted at what she would be subjected to. She thought of the 24 hands of the committee, their impassive, hungry gazes and unknowable desires, and her heart raced.

For the next half hour, puppy was prodded and manipulated as each member in turn examined her, and twelve pairs of hands in nitrile gloves ventured wherever they pleased.

“This one has the chubbiest cunt yet.” puppy felt them pinch her outer lips, before crushing their cupped hand over her vulva with a smack that seemed to reverberate around the room. It made her start, acutely aware of the water sloshing inside her. Of course they all knew about that, too, one placed their weight over her lower abdomen as another penetrated her with two of their fingers and taunted her clit with the thumb.

“Is the little baby going to piss herself? Is she going to whine and make a mess over our nice clean floor? We make piss sluts like you lick up every drop of their filthy puddles. And they love it.” puppy moaned to think about it and they gagged her with her panties for her trouble.

She felt another hand twisting the plug in her arse. Later, it would be removed and placed into her open mouth – salt and oil on her tongue – so they could better examine her every available hole.

She had thought they would deny her and deny her. Oh a couple of times they anticipated her cunt grasping and laughed and pulled their hands away abruptly, but more often than not they brought her off, moaning and panting on the clinical bench, and then went straight back to abusing her clit – licking and pinching it and tearing her orgasms from her over and over, like sheets from a used notebook.

She no longer feared a waterfall coursing from her. She knew it was the only way this event would end, as another face took up between her thighs and sucked her raw and reddened clit whilst two or three others brought out implements puppy could not see, and proceeded to beat her thighs, triggering another rush of orgasm, another jolt of pressure against the dyke holding forth within her. She wanted them to stop. She wanted respite. She wanted to come a hundred times over. She wanted to lie in a pool of her own debauchery and hear their laughter ringing in her ears until the seasons changed.

Rubber chafed her inner thighs and bit against the flesh of her cunt. One finger. Two fingers. Three fingers. Four fingers. Then the fist. The fullness and deliciousness of a stranger’s hand inside her, so filled she felt sure the pulse of their wrist knocked against her opening. When they withdrew, she was mournful and tried to grip them within her, but this only made them laugh at her desperation and tease her by not penetrating her at all, only tracing their fingers around the outer perimeter of her holes and enjoying her moans through her metal and fabric gags.

Several increasingly painful orgasms later, The Chair stood, motioned to two of his associates, and puppy was sat up, as he placed one hand over her pudenda, and pulled sharply on her pigtail with the other.

“How about another drink of water, puppy?”

“N…..No, thank you?”
“You sound unsure, pup. I think you are dehydrated. We can’t have you sickening.”

The jug seemed oversized, the glass tiny. Each time she drained her drink, another was poured and the crowd watched her intently, their eyes trained on her bloated stomach.

Puppy’s head was starting to swim when six glasses later, the jug was taken away.

“And now we have fifteen minutes left, and a squirmy submissive who is rather desperate to make a little river for us. But she knows she shouldn’t wet herself in front of all these strangers. Even though that’s what she wants. In fact, it’s the first item on her own long, disgusting list of fantasies. But we can’t indulge every stupid little slut’s fantasies, can we? NO.”

He caught her attempting to press her thighs together to control the increasing weight in her bladder and stopped her, slapping where the largest bruise was forming.

This was all the shock she needed. She let go, allowed the dam to break, and crimson-faced, peed all over the tabletop. She heard it splashing down to the floor, pooling beneath her, soaking into her skin as tears began to fall down her flushed cheeks. She was euphoric.

The room was filled with delighted gasps and giggles, and before her bladder emptied, The Chair had grabbed her by the waist and pushed her over the bench, spanking her with quiet fury as the last few drips coursed down her thighs.

“Filthy girl. Piss-soaked wretch.” he intoned, and she cried louder, her heart light and her body almost at the point of glorious collapse. As the last thought dissolved in her mind and the bright light of subspace enveloped her, she closed her eyes and smiled.

When Mister collected her at 1pm sharp, his puppy looked tired but her eyes were shining. Miss Hargreaves advised that puppy had been showered and given fresh panties, but would perhaps need a hot bath and maybe arnica for the galaxy of developing bruises scattered across her body. For the first time, the lady smiled; she had only enjoyed the noise of the pup’s orgasms and looked forward to reviewing the tape later.

In his follow up letter which accompanied the file of puppy’s appointment, The Chair informed them that he had never seen a guest make such a mess in all his time as a member. He praised her beauty and willingness, and hoped she would return to them soon – he mentioned a Christmas party to which Mister could be invited.

But that was much later; for now there would be cuddles and kisses and Mister stroking his puppy’s hair, telling her how proud he was of her, and how much he loved her.

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  1. Brilliant. My favorite line “like sheets from a used notebook.” Something about that line really made me smile. I enjoyed this story line a lot

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