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The Library Club Part I

Left to her own devices, puppy sometimes got herself in hot water. She went looking for trouble and Mister had to rescue her. Or at least keep close by, ensuring her safety.

The Library Club met each month on a Sunday afternoon. For an hour. Only an hour. They were an elected committee – six masculine, six feminine, and they invited pliant, pretty, precocious submissives to their lair to indulge their wicked and salacious desires.

Submissives would have to prove their worth before they were permitted to attend; prove they knew their own minds, loved themselves and understood their own needs before a Committee member would engage with them. They would be interviewed over the course of days, or weeks. Observed in their daily interactions. And if all was well, their invitation would follow.

puppy had discovered them all on her own, without the help of Mister or Claudia’s sarcastic guidance. In her online community of Dominance and submission, there was a man who told stories online. He drew crowds of stricken admirers, and puppy was among them.

This man was the Chair of the Library Club, at least he was that year our puppy found she wished to attend. He had been the Chair for some decades by the time she was caught on his hook. He was exciting and his words made puppy’s panties wet. He was handsome and older. Older than Mister, even. He saw puppy in her little world of dirty pictures and Mister and Claudia and grinding herself against her needs, and he enjoyed what he could see. Soon he beckoned her forth to ask her a question, privately; messages only she could see.

“We have been watching you, puppy. I and my associates have kept our eye on your exploits, and think you would be a good fit for our group. We could imagine playing with you, for sure.”

puppy shivered.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“So, puppy, are you a good girl?”

puppy nodded yes.

“I can see you are a pretty girl. I can see you are an obedient girl. I can also see you are a chubby slut, and the Club has a particular penchant for pretty, obedient piggies; insatiable little show-offs with their twisted, dirty thoughts on display.”

puppy squirmed in her seat at the words, even though no one else could see what he was saying to her. She knew once he had her agreement, the conversation would be posted for others to leer at. And when he instructed her to slide one hand into her knickers, sure enough, she was slippery wet and seeping into the fabric of the desk chair.

“I think you will make a very welcome guest next month. Twelve pm sharp til one o’clock. Miss Hargreaves will be in touch shortly with papers for your Mister to sign.”

puppy shivered even more and blushed.

“I am a pretty, obedient piggy.” she whispered. The words excited and repulsed her.

Whispering them to herself over and over, she rubbed her protruding, slippery clit, edging until the biggest wave of her orgasm threatened, whereupon she drew her hand away sharply and licked her fingers clean. Now she had The Chair’s approval, she needed to tell Mister about the arrangements that would soon be made.

Mister was rueful – approving, aroused at his property’s lustful adoration of a powerful stranger, but knowing this would change her. That the hour she eventually asked for, and was given, would test her more than he ever had done. He asked only one thing of her when she requested permission to attend.

“Yes pup, you may attend the club meeting next month. But you will take the Monday after off as annual leave.”

puppy cocked her head.


“No questions. Three days of your holidays are mine/ours – and I choose this one.”

She nodded and made a note in her diary to request the day at work the following morning.

The truth was that Mister intended to spend that Monday looking after his puppy. He would run her a bath; make sure she had her favourite foods to eat, and warm, fluffy bedsheets to snuggle in. And he let his puppy come however she wanted, however many times she wanted, until she fell asleep in his arms, smiling her dumb puppy smile.

That Sunday took an age to arrive. Each Sunday preceding, Mister wrote the number of days until her appointment across her belly in permanent marker and photographed her so she could show the Chair her twisting, desperate commitment to his cause. Acknowledgement was sparse, and Mister laughed at her. Claudia laughed at her too, and they both laughed at the slimy mess in puppy’s knickers the laughter caused. puppy couldn’t wait for the meeting.

The morning of her visit, Mister visited puppy – his plan was to take her to the gunmetal grey building where the Club met, spend an hour in the cafe across the park sexting Claudia, and then collect puppy after. He also intended to make sure she was looking her best for the committee.

They had some stipulations of their own – feminine submissives were to wear dresses, masculine to wear plain shirts and chino trousers. Cotton undergarments only, no lace or buttons. A plug, if the submissive was experienced in wearing one – there was no requirement if they were not. And their collar, if the submissive was owned. puppy’s collar was black, studded with cheap diamanté and glitter. Mister bought it for her from Pets At Home.

Mister chose a black collared dress with long sleeves for puppy to wear, and grey cotton knickers which he knew would show every drip of her cunt to her audience. He bent her over the bedclothes and made sure the lubricant was ice cold before inserting the curved bulb of the steel plug into her arse. When she yelped, he pinched her.

Once inserted, and with her pants pulled up and smoothed over her bum, he sat her back down on the bed with a bump. He brushed her hair and plaited the tendrils. She smelt of honey and tobacco. Her legs were bare and she wore plain black shoes.

The last stipulation was that the guest must drink two pints of water at 10.30am, no later. Mister gave her an extra tumbler before he would let her leave the room.

At the door, helping her into her coat, Mister leant over and kissed her. The kiss reminded puppy of their first date so many years previously, and she wrapped her arms around him. When they drew apart she looked up into his face.

“If I am a sunflower, you are the sun.”

They both grinned. She had said that on their first date too. It held fast.

The building was tall and ugly, it looked like every other malformed lump on the street. A cab had dropped them at the furthest end of the street, and puppy wasn’t sure how she would recognise the right one, but she needn’t have worried. A woman in a red coat was standing right outside, to guide people where they needed to be. When she saw puppy she didn’t exactly smile, but she extended her hand to Mister, who shook it warmly.

“I’m Miss Hargreaves. I take it this pet is yours?”

She took the pup’s face in her hands and squished it back and forth until it was almost painful. puppy’s cheeks reddened as Mister nodded proudly.

“She is. Dressed to your requirements and ready for anything the Committee may wish on her.”

Miss Hargreaves nodded, and took puppy’s hand.

“We will be finished by one o’clock and she will not be released to anyone but your care. Please be prompt.”

“Of course. You have my number in case of emergency.”

Here he pulled up puppy’s dress to reveal his digits in large script over the wide flesh of her left thigh. The air was cold and puppy gasped, but did not whine. She didn’t want Miss Hargreaves to think her impudent as her bottom was displayed to the passing traffic.

“Now pup, you are to be on your best behaviour. Don’t let me down.” he kissed her forehead and pinched her nipple through her dress.

“Very good.” said Miss Hargreaves, leading puppy through the big metal doors and into the heart of the Club.

The walk was circuitous; round corners and down stairs and up stairs and through doors into corridors which gradually became darker and darker, lit only by old-fashioned green lamps along the wall. Puppy fingered her collar anxiously and tried to concentrate on the even click-clack of Hargreaves’ heels on the parquet floor.

Before puppy was presented to the Committee, Miss Hargreaves removed her dress and shoes, and assessed her.

“The Committee like their feminine submissives in lipstick.” she stated producing a vanity bag from the pocket of her coat. She applied the coral gloss to puppy’s trembling lips with delicate precision and smiled at her work. Then she took puppy’s hand once more, and knocked on the Club room door.

“Enter.” came a voice from within.

Hargreaves led puppy to the centre of the dark, wood-panelled room, past a high, metal-topped bench, and stood her facing the assembled group. They were dressed austerely, and ageless, sat in two rows of six, one in front of the other.

The Chair stood as puppy entered, eyeing her lasciviously.

“puppy, for inspection.” Miss Hargreaves announced, before closing the door behind her.

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