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The Outside Pet

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Claudia was an engima, unknowable. Everything about her was abstract – Mister described her body in great, unending detail, but brown eyes, black hair and a smile lighting the way for years didn’t paint a clear picture in Puppy’s mind.

Until one day, when everything changed. She answered her door at 8pm that night, and he was on her doorstep.

“Run upstairs and slip into that nightie I bought you. The one a size too small that shows your tits and belly. And put make up on. Red lipstick and lots of eyeliner and mascara. You have ten minutes. No bra, no knickers.” and he stood on the doorstep, watching her scamper to the bedroom.

She looked beautiful on her return – a different beautiful to her face when she opened the door. A different beautiful to the way her lips distorted with his cock in her mouth. A different beautiful to her sleepy morning selfies.

She stood before him proudly, hands clasped behind her back. The darker skin of her nipples highlighted behind the white chiffon-y material. Her belly protruded and he couldn’t help reaching out to stroke her. She smiled wider. Mister smiled wider, too.

He smiled as he spat in his palm, reached out and smeared her hastily made-up face into a red and black halloween mask.

“Coat on; come with me.”

He allowed her to slip on her shoes, and walked her to the car, buckling her into the seat and pinching where her fat squished up against the belt.

“I bet you want to know where were going.” He commented, pulling away from the kerb, towards the high street.
“That doesn’t mean I’m allowed to know.”
He nodded, not looking at her.

“That’s a good little pet. Why don’t you get your tits out for that nice man over there?”
It was early summer and a group of drinkers were stood outside the pub, enjoying the first double figures temperatures of the year, and one was watching the traffic.

They stopped at the lights and Puppy dutifully dug her finger under the taut material around her breasts, releasing them with an audible slap. The man was only six feet or so away, and it was if he had heard, he looked up and his eyes widened as he saw the white expanse of flesh. Puppy smiled winningly as the car pulled away.

“Good girl.” Mister said.

Showing off, as ever, had made her wet. And he knew it.

“You can play with your cunt, but only a little. Our journey won’t take long.”
She eagerly slid herself down in the seat to give herself more room, and dove straight for her clit, alternately rubbing around it, and pinching her inner thighs. But he was right, the journey was only a few minutes more, and soon they were parked in front of a row of run down Edwardian villas. Mister walked round and let her out of the seat, then grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into the carseat, into the stain of wet Puppy cunt he’d noticed as she stood.
The road was quiet and the reverberating crack of his hand across her buttocks seemed to echo down the street.
“Dirty, filthy Puppy. Dirty little slut. Making a mess in my car. Filthy Puppy.”

She moaned and her eyes stung with tears, and her cunt grew wetter and wetter.

“I’m sorry, Mister. I’m sorry for being a dirty girl.”

With his fingers around her wrist he marched her down the path in front of the nearest house. The door opened as they neared.

“Claudia.” His voice was warm with lust.

So there she was. Beautiful Claudia in a nightgown just like Puppy – but hers was elegant and embroidered. She had a silk wrap around her body. Her skin shone and her hair curled and framed her face perfectly. Her smile was sincere and wicked.

“Darling!” she kissed his face, and his lips, and then she drew back and looked at Puppy for the first time.

“So much cuter than all those photos. Puppy is a cutie pie even when her face is a mess. Come here, little Puppy.”

Mister thrust her forwards and into Claudia’s arms. She kissed puppy’s lipstick-smeared mouth, prising the lips open with her tongue. When they pulled apart, her smile was even more sincere and wickeder still.

“Come up.” she took Mister’s hand and he stepped over the threshold. Over his shoulder he called.

“Pets aren’t allowed in the house. But I’m sure you can occupy yourself. We want to be able to hear you from the bedroom window. I won’t be long. Or I don’t intend to be.”
And with that he shut the door behind him. Puppy took a step back and looked up at the bedroom window. If she stood at the very edge of the small front garden, she could half see the shadows of their bodies as the dusk darkened.

The latch was unfastened and Claudia leant out into the evening.

“Beautiful Puppy! Does Puppy want to play?”

A stranger walking their own dog might not even look up at these words. But when Claudia repeated Play more sternly, Puppy stared up at her and reached between her thighs to touch herself. Claudia watched and nodded, before disappearing inside. A few moments later she heard the tell-tale sound of Claudia’s moans as he slid the first couple of inches of his cock inside her. Puppy whimpered and rubbed herself harder, dipping two fingers inside herself – only to the first knuckle, mimicking his teasing, taunting habit of rationing the inches.

Claudia grew louder; and Mister’s voice rose too.

“You’re such a good girl, taking my cock deep inside you. Every. Single. Inch.” He grunted and Puppy whined and slid her fingers in deeper, squatting in Claudia’s front garden, the long grass itchy about her ankles. They weren’t enough, she wasn’t filled, wasn’t squealing with ecstasy as her cunt stretched around Mister’s cock. She rubbed her clit and breathed hard through her nostrils, picturing Claudia speared on his cock. She was rubbing her clit too, as he thrust in and out of her. They were almost spooning, reverse cowgirl with Claudia leaning way, way back into his body. He caressed her belly, his hands slipping through the sweat of her skin to her breasts and held her, breathing in the scent of her neck and kissing her at the very top of her spine.

Puppy imagined the room filling with warmth and the scent of Claudia’s cunt, the noise of his cock pumping in an out of her wetly. They were both grunting now, interspersed with muffled moans – kisses, crying out into darkness. Puppy whined louder, braced her body against the brick wall and let her body trip over the edge of her orgasm as Claudia let go a string of filthy expletives that made her blush to hear them. Puppy cried loudly, running her hand over her sensitive clit and plump vulval lips. Everything was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and girl-come.

She rubbed the mess into her thighs and became aware of the two of them laughing. Probably laughing at her. Her stomach sickened as her clit throbbed and she brought herself to another trembling orgasm, feeling her release sprinkling the fertile ground beneath her.

When Mister let himself our, a quarter of an hour later, she was sat curled in the doorway, drowsy and smiling. He gently roused her and settled her in the car. Once home, he ran her a hot bath, and sat beside her as she bathed, reading aloud from one of the red shelf’s texts.

Puppy sighed contentedly, so grateful for her Mister.

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  1. “You’re such a good girl, taking my cock deep inside you. Every. Single. Inch

    Unnfffff….. to all of this but hearing him say that to another woman would make me come so hard


  2. Posy Churchgate Posy Churchgate

    There were so many bits in this that had me squirming, even though it’s not really my kink. Wonderful wording and pace, deliciously deviant.

  3. Toy Toy

    I was feeling both Claudia and Puppy’s emotions. Such a good representation of both perspectives. This was incredibly hot!

  4. Beautiful, sexy story. Love the dynamics here 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. And now I’m all like, “Shove my face into the wet spot and spank my ass please!” I’ll be a bad puppy/girl/whatever you want for some of that. Such a sexy story.

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