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Her Mouth

She has the wettest mouth. You wouldn’t think it to look at her. You wouldn’t consider her face as she eats a sandwich or chews the end of her pen. Her mouth looks like any other mouth.

He hadn’t considered it, lying on her bed, kissing her nervous lips. Her mouth was pretty ordinary. Pretty, and ordinary. Lips chewed anxiously by the teeth above. The mouth did not assert itself with fleshy fullness.

“I give great head.” is easy to disprove, after all. And maybe she faltered, wondering if a skill can be forgotten with only a few months’ passing.

“No, I have the wettest mouth.” she thought that afternoon, coming up for air from between his thighs.

Because you can talk the biggest game, half bravado that your oral skills are second to none; but the other half knows it’s true. And she did. And they were.

Still, she was shy at first. Only her tongue, agile yet demure. She wanted to devour him, though. Swallow and swallow and swallow and swallow.

She went past the choke with ease, holding him inside her for longer, longer than before. She gagged and spluttered. She held him in her throat, and her mouth grew wetter. He seemed surprised, surprised at the motion of her tongue, each time she passed the muscle back and forth. He laughed in shock and maybe was just a touch scared of the look in her eyes when she raised her head, pushing hair from her vision.

She hadn’t told him the secrets. He hadn’t anticipated the desperate slut who knelt before him on a mission to feel every inch of him with her tongue. Her mouth was wet. Saliva skidded down her neck to her breasts where her plain button down dress was gaping obscenely. He reached down and grabbed fistfuls of her, pinched her nipples and she ached to ask him to slap her in the face but she couldn’t, not now. Not yet.

Sometimes he grabbed her head but didn’t guide and wasn’t rough. She moaned when he moaned, and maybe at the back of her mind she pictured a vibe between her knees, pressing into just the right bit of her or even imagined penetration – fingers or a cock or a toy inside her cunt – something in her craved sensation from every quarter. But really, she didn’t need those things. Her eagerness was sated by his dick in her mouth.

When he came, she was laid on the bed – those same obscenely protruding breasts and each shot across her chest made her smile and slip further into serenity.

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