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Three (Smutathon 2018)

The final Smutathon story! This for Gorgeous Missy who asked for a D/s Threesome which I hope I have delivered.

Look at him. King of the castle. The cat that got the cream. Lying here in this reasonably priced hotel room with his wife and her lover. These beautiful women. One of whom he owns and worships, one he adores as she serves his beloved.

He had girl strip as soon as she entered – she was not permitted to glance at the bed where beloved sat astride him – and instructed her to stand at the open window with her hands behind her head, exposed to the patrons in the bar opposite. He asked her to raise her hand each time she was spotted, and describe the response of the voyeur.

“He is making lewd gestures.”

“More specific.”
“He grabbed his crotch and then pretended to grab my hair as if I was sucking him.”

“Good. He knows that’s all you’re good for, girl.”
“Now a woman is looking.”
“Just looking. Her eyes are wide. She’s stroking the rim of her champagne glass.”

His beloved takes girl by the hand and leads her to the bed, between her husband’s thighs where his cock is already slick with her come. She grabs her lover’s hair with tender violence and watches with glee as his thick, pulsing cock disappears down girl’s willing throat. The sight of her beautiful girl choking on her husband makes her heart feel full and her cunt pulse; the taste of beloved on her husband’s cock makes girl’s head spin with confusion and lust. She keeps one hand tangled in her hair as she slips up to her man to kiss him. He moans against her lips – girl’s tongue is excellent; her throat pliant. She is desperate to please. Desperate to taste her mistress but also to be good, such a good girl who only desires to facilitate their happinesses.

Girl would love to feel him come down her throat but soon two hands meet against her forehead and gently push her away. The wife returns to her rightful place, but faced away from Him now – facing her lover, her girl who she kisses with passion, her fingers seeking out the girl’s wet, wanting cunt as she bucks against the cock inside her.

“Lie down.” she breathes against her mouth, and girl is like water, like quicksilver, a puddle of girl over the bedclothes. Beloved pulls her close as she herself is scooped up, her hips raised as he is on his knees and fucking her with intensity, his short nails nevertheless biting into her buttocks as he pushes her further and further. Beloved’s head is spinning as she tastes her girl for the first time in too long, lavishes attention on her clit and vulva for she was so good and so patient and has earnt her climax, to succumb to her mistress, to be wrapped in blankets and told she is a wonder.

Girl stretches out, her arms far behind her, displaying her chubby tits and body for His delectation as he fucks his wife harder, harder, harder still, his filthy words pouring out and filling their ears with lust.

“That’s my little slut, my whore. Servicing your own little pet. Look at her body displayed for me as you lick at her pretty cunt.” The words are magic on him, too. On everyone. His release of come into his wife triggers her climax and soon her nimble fingers have worked on girl, too. They fall like dominoes, splayed to the far corners of the huge, rumpled bed. The only sound is heavy, fractured breathing.

Girl’s voice returns first.

“Would anyone like a cup of tea?”
“That would be smashing.”
“Yes, and then a shower, I think. I had a look and it’s definitely big enough for three.”

As husband and wife snuggle on the bed, girl happily trips to the kettle and makes drinks. Another act of submissive love.

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  1. I love this. The harmony of these characters is beautiful. I find endings hard but “Another act of submissive love.” Is just perfect. Bravo!

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