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Come one, come all (Smutathon 2018)

This was written for the wonderful Ruth who generously donated to our Smutathon 2018 campaign and asked for a story about exhibitionism.

She wears the best lingerie. Famous for it. You might think that kind of thing doesn’t matter, but people notice. Silky, lacy, pretty prettiness fills her bedroom drawers and cascades out onto the bedroom floor.

Tonight, in the depths of winter though, no knickers at all – only a flimsy black bralet which really doesn’t fit; she can manoeuvre the cups so only the edge of her areola shows but as soon as she moves, the fabric shifts and she’s exposed. As soon as she’s vigorously sucking cock, she’s exposed.


A jersey wrap dress and a pair of hold ups. Treacherous heels; she leans on His arm on the way to the car. As soon as they’re on their way she rests her ankles on the dashboard before her, fingers chafing at her cunt, writhing into the passenger seat as they arrive at their destination. He watches her come, grabbing her warm, damp fingers and licking them clean.

Soon there is a man at the door. At both doors. She winds down the windows and reaches out to touch his burgeoning erection – in turn he reaches into the car, into the neck of her dress to paw at her breasts, at that freed nipple.

There is brief respite – the door is opened; both doors – and she leans eagerly out to suck the proffered cock – gripping the second in her hands with delighted urgency and with His hand on her back, encouraging her, coaxing her on.

In her hand, there is pulsing, twitching – he doesn’t last long and she licks the rivulets of cum from her palm – briefly relinquishing her grasp on the straining cock in her mouth to do so, and reach for the lubricant in the glove compartment. She slathers the meat before her in slippery silicone before turning in her seat to offer him her cunt or arse. He makes a vague fumble between the swollen, prominent lips of her vulva before easing himself into the smaller aperture.

Her head in His lap as this stranger fucks her arse. He is stroking her hair as she mews into his thigh. He is telling her how precious and pretty she is, as her arse fills with another man’s cum.

He eases his cock out of his winter slacks and she sucks it gratefully as she feels her cunt being filled, and fingers reaching around to rub her clit, making her clench and spasm around him. This one is quick too, and spills his seed over her lower back.

“Why don’t you get out of the car and greet some more friends?” He asks, gently extricating himself from her beautiful, wanton mouth.

She is soon bent over the bonnet, able to see Him through the windscreen, slowly jerking his cock as she is fucked by a succession of unknown men. Called a slut and a whore and a piece of meat. Fucked and fucked and fucked until her thighs are covered with spatters of come from each and every one of them. She feels the cum swirling inside her; dripping down onto the frozen, fertile ground.

One man only wants to make her come. He sits her on the bonnet and sucks the cocktail of cum from her plump, pretty lips. He revels in the creamy bounty and when she shudders and cries with pleasure, he comes in his pants.

It is cold, the snow begins to fall more thickly, and the bodies melt away, some forgoing their chance at her warm, inviting cunt for the safety of their cars, and home. Her dress is askew, she has cum drying on her chest and belly, curdling in the folds of her frock and her inner thighs.

The last suitor is Him. He smiles at his love, at her sated, sullied body. He exposes her body to his preference – her breasts freed from the basic constraints of her undergarments, her stockings now ravaged with holes and ladders. He worries one of these with his warm fingers, making the hole bigger. His smile widens as he hears the nylon rip under his grasp.

He has been hard all evening. Hard as he watched her dress – such as you may call it. Hard as she applied make up and pinned her beautiful auburn hair. Hard as she masturbated in the car, and as she fucked a dozen men on the hood of his car, turning her body into a living, breathing Jackson Pollock painting.
Her lips are dry from the January winds. He kisses them to warmth; kisses the life back into her tired and aching body. Kisses her as he enters her, pins her to the frozen metal shell of the car and empties the final, precious load into his gorgeous girl.

She giggles as he lays his head on her flushed and heaving chest.

“Happy New Year.”



  1. Holy Moly!! You know how I can tell this is hot?? It 100% isn’t the sort of story that usually gets me going, but going I most definitely am … as in going straight to the toy box to find a vibrating friend to assist me in sexy matters. Very nice indeed!

  2. Posy Churchgate Posy Churchgate

    Like Floss, I don’t really go for a gang bang story but you have kept it so personal, keeping on relating it back to him and her and relegatng the others in the gang bang to simply cocks, mouths or hands. Great, hot story.

  3. Posy is absolutely right, it is the connection between the two of them that makes me super hot. The other men are merely bit parts in their beautiful performance


  4. This is absolutely delicious and hot. And I love the end where we learn how he’s felt this entire time.

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