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Gone to Earth

“Let’s go for a walk,” he had said.

“It’s cold.” I protested.

He looked at me evenly.


He laced me into my boots. bare legs, a summer dress that was too small. No bra. No knickers. My breasts threatened to escape. I didn’t protest further. “Go and put on your parka.” he ordered.

I was stood by the front door when he came back, dressed warmly.

“Don’t you look adorable? Let’s go.” He held out his hand and lead me out into the street, and into the car. There were grey clouds gathering in the sky.

“It’s going to rain.” I said, looking out of the window.

“That doesn’t matter.”

We drove for over an hour. Halfway through, as the roads became narrower, the scenery greener, he put his hand on my thigh and pushed the material of my skirt up to my waist, lingering briefly at my cunt.

“You’re wet.” he said approvingly.

Some minutes later, he slowed the car and parked up.

“Here we are. Time for some fresh air.”

I stepped out of the car, somewhat confused. We had travelled some way up a farm track, surrounded by fields with the hills playing hide and seek behind angry cloud banks. My stomach turned, slightly.

“Come on.” He took my hand and we walked further up the track, to a gate. He helped me over it, then vaulted it himself.

“Show off.”
“When you have a skill, always display it. This way.”
We seemed to walk for a long time without talking. Soon we were at the centre of the most vast of the fields. Or maybe they weren’t fields, there were no crops, no stubs of corn or sugar beet. The ground was uneven with rocks and furrows under our feet. He stopped, and turned to me.

“Let’s get you out of that coat.”

He folded it over his arm.

“And your dress.”
“It’s cold.” I repeated.

“Oh dear, am I going to have to take it off you by force? I said take off your dress. Take it off. Now.”

It was as though my flesh wanted to burst forth from his words. I felt my breasts and stomach straining the fabric even more as I raised my skirt and pulled the flimsy, strappy frock from my shoulders and handed it to him, shivering, subdued.

He nodded his approval.

“Now, kneel down.” He had folded the dress into a pillow, and laid it before me over a patch of softer, flatter ground. I did as he told me.

“On your hands and knees, please sweetie. Stick that pretty little bum out for me. Good. Good girl. Now you’re going to stay here, in this position, until I come back.”
“Come back? Where are you going?”

He knelt down in front of me and placed his hand over my beating heart.

“I trust you. Stay here.”
“Are you… Are you annoyed with me?” I asked, suddenly afraid I’d done something to upset him. He seemed appalled at the notion.

“No, baby. You haven’t annoyed me. I promise. Stay here. I love you very much.”
He kissed my forehead and stood up.

As he walked away he turned back once, then walked on.

I did exactly as I was told, presenting my backside to nothingness, concentrating my gaze on the rolling hills before me. The rain, which had threatened over the course of the morning, began to fall. First tiny pinpricks, then large, icy drops which travelled down my spine and made it flex in pleasure.

It could have been hours he was gone. Seconds. Weeks. Minutes. Days. My wrists and kneecaps began to ache dully but this was not without its pleasure, too. I was doing what I was bidden. I was pleasing him with my obedience even as I quaked in cold and fear that he might not return.

I began to focus my thoughts on him. The smell of his shirt. The texture of his fingers against my neck. The weight of his body when he fucked me. His come mixed with sweat on my tongue. My hips began to rock back and forth, involuntarily.

“I wish you were here.” I whispered into the rain.

Drops fell over my body, coursing down over and into my cunt, absorbed into the sweeter wetness there. I wanted the rain to fuck me, for him to see me owned and used by the elements and love me in my debasement. The rain beat harder against my flesh, and against the ground, thudding like irregular music into my body.

“I will wait for you.” I repeated to myself, willing my resolve to be strong. To be his warrior princess now, more than ever. The rain was patient and unrelenting, tiny daggers and loving tongues. The skies darkening. My heart twisting in my ribcage.

I felt his presence before he touched me. The rain seemed silenced as he came close and whispered
“You are perfect.” into my ear.

Lightening flashed as he entered me. Thunder crashed as he enveloped my body and we sank into the earth, as one.

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  1. This is so hot, so beautiful. Love the scene with her waiting for his return, being so obedient. Love this story.

    Rebel xox

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