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If you were here, Sir, and you were wearing your suit, I would kneel. I would ask you if I could have your cock. If you thought I was good, you would present your engorged cock through your flies. I would work the spit up on my tongue and lick the head first.

You’d push on the back of my head so I took more of you in my mouth. You want me to choke on you, prove that I need your cock more than air.

I’d take more, working my tongue as much as I could, one of my hands on the shaft but the other travelling between my thighs without permission because I’m so wet just at the feeling of you in my mouth, at hearing your voice

You know I’m doing it and you let me feel how wet I am before you grab my hair and make me choke more as punishment, calling me a filthy, wet slut.

I was dressed when you came in, as punishment you remove your cock from my hungry mouth and you strip me, taking off my dress, my underwear, everything until I’m naked. Before you can even continue face fucking me, you bend me over the sofa and I know what’s coming and the sting of your belt makes me yelp

Ten strokes


I deserve it

Then I’m back on my knees with my eyes wide and pleading, staring at you with your cock in my mouth, making a puddle on the tile floor under me

You pull my hair and only remove your cock from my mouth to wipe the come and spit over my cheek

I take your length back in my mouth but you’re more gentle now, you let me tease, flicking my tongue against the tip, still stroking your shaft as best I can because it’s so big I can’t get my hand around it

But there is so much more to worship. I have to take your balls in my mouth. Sucking them, playing with my tongue as I jerk you using my hand still sticky with my own come. I’m desperate for your come, And you tell me exactly where you want it.

“You’ll keep going until you feel it spill out of every little hole you have, feel it cover your face and tits and taste it on your tongue.” You growl.

And so I suck and suck and you pull my hair and it must be the sound of me choking that sets you off; you hit my tonsils and I gag then I feel the first splashes of come down my throat and you moaning above me, grabbing my head so I can’t move. So much come, I can’t swallow and you know it, first it fills my throat, then my mouth and then it starts to spill, mixed with saliva, down my jawline, dripping onto my breasts

I think it’s over, but you yank my head back, your cock softening in my lips. “Look at what you did. Look at the mess you made, you filthy come-loving whore. Clean your mess.”

And I lick you clean, feed you back into your pants, and do the zipper back up

You reach for your belt, and watch me stare at it longingly. You ask me if I need another and I say yes. So you bend me over the sofa again. One more lash, and as the sting dies away I feel your fingers in my cunt.

“Sir’s cock makes you wet, doesn’t it? It makes your cunt drool and you can’t do anything to stop it.” I nod my head.

“Now, am I going to let you come?”

“Please let me come Sir, Please. Please keep your fingers in my hot, sticky cunt and show my owned cunt how you pleasure it. Please let me feel your fingers rubbing my clit, please make me moan and scream like the filthy little fuckpuppet I am.”

I look over my shoulder at you, over my red, bruised arse where I can see your face, your wicked, grinning face.

“More.” You order.

“I’m so close, Sir. I’m such a needy, desperate little bitch, desperate for your cock, desperate for whatever you wish to give me. I want you to use my holes with your fingers and then make me suck them clean. I want to honour your with my cunt, with my climax.”

“Good. Then shut up and tell me with your moans and screams how close you are. But don’t you dare come without telling me first”

You finger fuck me rapidly, leaning over me so you can bite my shoulder, so close to breaking the skin.

My cunt is so wet your fingers move like they’re oiled, then your thumb inside me and your fingers rubbing my clit because you want to make me come hard and quickly. I scream at your bites, your body pressing against my reddened backside and your fingers manipulating my sore, swollen cunt.

When I come it seems to escape from my body like my nervous system is trying to break free. I scream so loudly that my throat is hoarse, more so than from your throat fuck earlier.

I start to cry as the pulsations fade, aware you are gently rubbing my back. Whispering “Good Girl. my little angel” quietly, to soothe me.

You hold me, gently bringing me upright. Your hands cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples until it smarts, just so I know you are still in charge.

“I think you need a nap, little one. A nice long nap, and some fresh pyjamas.”




  1. Ellen Farber Ellen Farber

    I like it

    On Sat, May 12, 2018, 4:48 AM Hannah likes dirty words wrote:

    > Hannah Lockhardt posted: “If you were here, Sir, and you were wearing your > suit, I would kneel. I would ask you if I could have your cock. If you > thought I was good, you would present your engorged cock through your > flies. I would work the spit up on my tongue and lick the head fi” >

  2. Damn that was one sexy hot read and the ending is perfect with that touch of gentle love


  3. victoriablisseuk victoriablisseuk

    I can really feel passion in these words.

  4. Oof. Yes. The biting nearly put me over the top. So good

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