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“This, this is unacceptable. You know it’s unacceptable, don’t you? You know the rules.” He yanked the dildo out of me and waved it briefly in front of his lips. Crimson faced, I nodded but wouldn’t meet his gaze.

“I come home from the pub, from a nice afternoon with some friends from work, and find you on your hands and knees fucking yourself without my permission. Riding that big, fleshy dildo and grabbing your tits and moaning like a common slut with the windows open so anyone could hear you.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” I murmured, but he wasn’t listening to me.

“You’d been playing for hours, hadn’t you? Teasing yourself. Look at your cunt. Look at how red and full your lips are. Look at your clit, how red and sore it looks. Look.” He moved forward quickly and pushed down on the back of my neck, forcing me to examine my own arousal, smelling it.

“I left you here, and you said you were going to have a nap. You’re wearing my favourite dress, the blue one with the ruffles, but look at you, with the sleeves pulled down so you can display your breasts.”

His fingers were entwined in my braids and he pulled my head upwards so I had to look into his eyes.

“Little whore. Filthy slut.” he said quietly, dropping the dildo onto the bed and unfastening his tie with his free hand. He let go of me to remove it completely, grabbing my wrists and binding them tightly behind my back, thrusting my chest forwards. He looked as though he was deciding whether to bind my feet to the bed rail too.

“Where are your panties? Oh here they are. Just lying on the floor.” he picked them up, wadding them into a ball and tossing them up and down in his hand.

“Mouth open.”

When I was gagged, He left the room and went downstairs. It had been punishment enough to be parted from him that afternoon. I hadn’t meant to play so long, but I’d been bored, craving him, and a little, tiny, insignificant play couldn’t have hurt much.

That, or I’d known the punishment would fit the crime of disobeying Him.

He came back holding something behind Him.

“Spread your legs, little girl.”

I closed my eyes.

“No, you keep them open. You’re going to watch your punishment. Maybe it will stop you being such a naughty girl in future.”

And so I watched Him produce the tapered end of a thick glass dildo, that I remembered him placing in a plastic bag in the freezer months ago.

“It may come in useful if you misbehave.”

I’d laughed. I didn’t misbehave back then.

“Say it.” He ordered, the bulbous tip already stretching me without any pressure at all.

I knew my recitation for disobedience off by heart.

“I have sinned against my Sir. I have been a disobedient little wretch,” The first inch went in and I screamed at the intrusion, the temperature change. Sir smacked his hand across my breasts and left a mark. I sniffed and continued.

“I have used property that is not mine. I have used my cunt without the express permission of it’s owner, my Sir. My pleasure is earned by my obedience, not something I can take without consequence.”

Each sequential inch went in, colder, thicker, until his knuckles grazed my lips. My cheeks were damp with tears and I was breathing heavily.

“That is correct, little slut.”
He went to the bedside table. To the third drawer. The heaviest chain clamps. He attached them to my nipples with savage grace, then went back to the bottom drawer.

I wasn’t planning to come, but his brutal manipulation of my clitoris as he attached the pretty jewelled clamp set me off before I could control myself. I grunted and mewled against the panty gag, felt my cunt clench over the glass, my nipples stiff and sore and felt the aftershocks pulse through me for seconds after. My vision blurred. My ears were ringing. I forgot I wasn’t alone. When I came to, I was crying, silently. Angry with myself for failing to take my punishment adequately. He gently took the underwear from my mouth.

“Sir. I deserve nothing but your anger for coming. I am sorry. I am very very very sorry.”
For the second time that afternoon, he removed a cock substitute from me. For the first time that afternoon, he replaced it with the very real, throbbing cock between his thighs. He pulled on the chain between my breasts as he thrust.

Thank you, Honey. Your apology is accepted, and I’m sure you’re going to make it up to me right now anyway, aren’t you? And I should thank you for keeping this owned cunt of mine so wet and ready for me. Shall we begin?”

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