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#SoSS (The return)

I’m not a great person. I’m entirely self-centred whilst being made up of around 98% self-loathing which is very confusing if you stop to think about it. I love my blogger friends, I love the breadth and skill of their writing, but sometimes find it difficult to articulate that beyond “I like this” or just retweeting it. I am shit at comments, so I am going to try and get into the regular habit of a #SoSS post to actively show people how wonderful they are.
Anyway enough about me.

Exposing40’s Fat Bottomed Girls is a delightful shot of her glorious backside

Submiss34’s Sealed for Extra Freshness tracks the story of her Vac Bed experience (and includes some photos I took), and is included because it’s such a departure from her usual photography but no less sensually compelling.

Eye’s Being Owned really spoke to me, beautifully examining the conundrum of the submissive feminist, something a lot of us can identify with.

I had avoided Hannah’s For Breaking My Heart, Thank You because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to examine rebuilding after a breakup just yet, but as ever with my beloved Hannah, this is a joyful, tearful, cathartic reading experience if you have ever had your heart broken.

Exposing40 (again!) Created a vital call to arms with The Catastrophe of Ageing, a piece I fully intend to revisit again and again to remind me that I can plow my own furrow and be myself and be as visible or as behind the scenes in the world as I wish to be. Reading this has made me excited to be a woman, to make tracks, to create space, to do anything! (And to rewrite this paragraph where I initially had described her as spirited which is about as fucking patronising as you can get.)

And last but not least, this horrifyingly excellent #EuphOff winner from Love & Lust in London. A worthy winner that made me cringe with painful delight.

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