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Birthday Call

It’s his brother’s birthday. No gifts to exchange, but a phone call. A ritual of fraternal love which must be obeyed.

The TV is on and I’m half watching it, half idling on my phone with one hand on his thigh, proprietary. He smiles at me, and I slide over, cuddling up, my face against his shoulder as he dials.

The call connects and without a single gesture to me, he begins to unbutton his flies, easing his cock out and stroking it almost without thought. I watch, mesmerised, and here is my hand on his thigh again, creeping closer to his shuttling fingers.

I reach out to touch him as his cock hardens but he pushes my fingers away, and as he commiserates on football woes, his hand is now on my shoulder, my cheek is soft against the rigidity of his thigh, his cock is in my mouth and he’s stroking my hair as the football chat drones on above my head.

He’s hard now, I’m using my hand to guide his erection further and further into my mouth, expanding in my throat and his hand is on the back of my head, holding me in place as I begin to gasp and struggle and he takes the phone away from his mouth just long enough to whisper “Shhhhhhhh. Don’t make a sound.”

I could be naughty and use my hand and my tongue and make him moan and what a happy birthday that would be. The sound of him exhaling slowly through his nose as he gently fucks my throat is tantalising; I wonder how it sounds to the caller.

“She’s fine. She’s just relaxing at the moment.”

I do feel oddly relaxed; he’s moved his hand a little so he can fuck me harder and I can breathe through my mouth if I want to. I reach over with my free hand and wave in the general direction of the handset.

“She says Hi.”

“Habby Buthhhhday!” I enunciate with difficulty and something in my tongue forming the ‘th’ makes his hips jerk violently. I take this as permission to use the free hand on his heavy, straining balls even though it probably isn’t and the only thing I hear is the phone dropping to the floor with a hurried “Bye” before both of his hands are gripping my face, he’s using me violently now and muttering how I’m naughty and filthy and couldn’t help myself and as he comes down my throat without warning I’m so contented it might as well be my birthday and I swallow my gift down gratefully.






  1. Oh Hannah you are such a naughty girl and I LOVE it


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