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I had a dream last night. This is a version of it.

I’m lying on my stomach in the shallow end of the pool. It’s barely a pool really, it’s a complex – a simulated beach with a funfair thrown on top, I am hidden far away but still the screams of children hurtling along the chutes and slides above my head filters through. It is hardly peaceful here.

Still, I am alone. I am serene. I half-know what is going to happen as I lie in the gentle waves, pert bum sticking out of the water, breasts thrusts out of my two piece swimming costume. As I am thinking about this, They arrive. Two men, the handsome, gregarious, laddy type. Thick around the neck and upper body, they approach me, talking amongst themselves but looking over again and again.

“Look at those tits.” one says, talking at me, not to me. He has dark hair. There are noises of agreement.

Now they’re stood at my feet.

“Why don’t you turn over?” and I oblige, feeling the weight of my breasts shift and centralise, the damp material clinging and pulling downwards, exposing my nipples. There is some approval now, and my gaze can just fall to their trunks, also wet, also clinging and accentuating the shape of their semi-hard cocks.

One of them reaches down and adjusts himself. I refrain from licking my lips; that isn’t the part I’m supposed to play.

Now he’s crouched down next to me in the shallows, his index finger hooked inside the leg of my bikini bottoms, his knuckles grazing my mound as he pulls the material away from my skin. It warps and stretches like toffee, and now the finger is between my outer lips and I am still, only breathing, to see what he does next.

He stands and removes his trunks fluidly as the other merely pulls his cock out from the waist band and tugs it leisurely as he watches us.

Dark hair is on top of me now, he has my nipple in his mouth, my other breast grabbed in his huge hand and yet still the flesh spills from it. He kisses my neck and when I breathe harshly, mewing in spite of myself, he laughs.

“You want it.”
“I want it.”
“Good.” and his finger hooks into my knickers again, they fold away to nothing and he spreads my cunt with the same hand, easing himself into me with surprising thoughtfulness, his hand on my hip, his mouth still fixed on my breast with his tongue marking the duct, over and over and over as he thrusts in the same even motion as the waves around us. Unthinking I hook my ankles around his lower back, I need him deeper inside me, even if it hurts, and it’s going to hurt I can tell because he knows this is his cue and doubles down on me.

“Down.” I unhook my legs and he grabs them, lifting my hips and driving himself inside me further and further. He’s not going to last long and yes, I feel him deeper than before and he’s moaning in my ear, a white hot palm print on my breast and he pulls out as I knew he would, but replaces his cock with two of those thick, ungainly fingers, rubbing his own over my straining clit and moments later when I come, I am not still, my legs flex and my hands grip his shoulders and he laughs again as his friend saunters over to crown me with the final load over my flushed and satisfied face.

They right themselves, hide their shrinking cocks back in their trunks and with barely a backward glance, head back towards the noise and rush of bodies.

I roll over onto my stomach again and return to my idle, mindless thoughts of nothing, the waves lap as they did before, and come mixes with the water.


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  1. Wish I had dreams like that – very hot!
    Indie xx

  2. ezgi bobur ezgi bobur


  3. Nero Black Nero Black

    a] your dreams make more sense than mine
    b] hot fantasy – if only real life could be like that! 🙂

  4. Curvaceous Dee Curvaceous Dee

    This reminds me of a particular fantasy I wank to more than occasionally. You write it out so very arousingly!

    xx Dee

  5. This reminds me that I haven’t had a good erotic dream in a while. Too bad I can’t put in a request with my subconscious for one.

  6. I like how uncomplicated dreams can be. Just sheer, sexy goodness.

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