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For Amy and Jadis


“Be mean to me.” She begged one evening, during a pillow fight. Ember was towering over her, the floral pillowcase above her head blocking out the big bedroom light. He already had her pinned down to the bed by her wrists so Ember could aim the downy marshmallow directly at her soft, downy stomach.

“We are being mean to you, silly.”

Ember let the missile fall heavily against Cupcake’s stomach, winding her.

He threw the pillow back into Ember’s arms and leant over to kiss his Cupcake’s podgy stomach whilst Ember took aim again.

Later, they were snuggled watching TV under the big blanket. Ember kept changing channels; nothing pleased her. Cupcake was leaning heavily against her shoulder, one leg flung over the sofa arm. She was half asleep and snoring softly.

Ember poked Him in the stomach and nodded towards the snuffling Cupcake. He nodded back, and Ember reached down under the quilt, quickly finding Cupcake’s large, heavy breasts. She grasped her nipples between her fingers and pinched as hard as she could, rousing Cupcake with a squeal.

“You were napping!”
“I wasn’t, my eyes were just closed.”

“Awwww, is someone a sleepy kitten? That’s too bad.” He pulled the covers off his girls and looked down at them, Cupcake’s sleepy eyes and Ember’s wicked ones, both of his pets ready for the taking.

“Shorts off.” He said in a low, calm voice, turning to switch off the TV. He smirked when he turned back; even in her tiredness, Cupcake’s bare cunt was the first thing he saw, framed between her cute, chubby thighs. The girls were holding hands, with Ember using her left fingers to spread her vulval lips.

“Well done.” He nodded with approval, stepping forwards and crouching down before them. He traced his fingers over Ember’s inner lips and watched her squirm. She was already wet, and he took hold of her wrist, plucking it away so he could slip two of his longer, thicker, stronger digits inside her. As he worked, stroking her clit with his thumb and enjoying her strangulated moans, he was aware of Cupcake watching them.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” he didn’t turn his head, but used his sternest voice. “And don’t pout. I can hear you pouting.” To hammer the point home, he dipped his head and ran the flat of his tongue over Ember’s clit. “Ember’s my good girl, aren’t you?”

Drawing back, he turned to his Cupcake and looked her over. There was already a darkened patch beneath her on the blue sofa cushions. He was always astounded at her liquid excitement. They had been fucking for over a year, and still she was a wet mess almost every waking hour. He loved her for it. He loved her desperation.

“Oh Cupcake, look at the mess you made.” With his fingers deep inside Ember’s cunt, with his other hand he reached over and grabbed the back of Cupcake’s head, forcing it down to look at the damp patch seeping through the fabric. “Look how disgusting you are.” He let go of her head and unceremoniously rammed two of his digits inside her roughly, and fucked her more harshly yet more shallowly than Ember, just so she knew she wasn’t as important as her. Cupcake yelped the same way she had done when Ember groped her, piggish and loud. God that sound was incredible. It made his cock twitch.

He knew he could withdraw, stand like a giant watching over his village of cowering wenches and have them service him together as he wiped their own wetness over their faces, through their hair, make them spit on his palm so he could further defile them just for fun as their eager tongues worked and he taunted them with who he would allow to receive his come.

“Cupcake isn’t allowed to come until Ember does.” He breathed through his thoughts, centring himself back in the room. Ember’s chest was mottled with a fine spray of goose pimples, her nipples the crowning. Her breasts heaved as she twisted under his ministrations, fingers still interlocked with Cupcake’s whose eyes were wide open, watching him with clear, colourless submission. His beautiful, dumb princess.

“Who’s my special dumb baby with a sloppy wet cunt?”
“I am.” She replied in a slow, soft voice.

“Yes you are. You really are.”

He removed his fingers from her cunt, gently this time, and reached up to cup her face, Her doe eyes registered nothing as his palm cracked across her cheek, and she only inhaled sharply with the sting.

He brushed the hair from her cheek and stroked it it, encouraging her to nuzzle his palm and placing his thumb between her parted lips. She sucked it greedily as he nestled his face between Ember’s thighs and began teasing her clit in earnest, he didn’t even reprimand her when she grabbed his thumb to hold his fingers as deeply inside her as possible as she came, shaking and crying.

He laid his head on her quaking thigh and kissed it, smoothing the flesh until she stilled.

Cupcake still held his thumb between her teeth. He allowed her to use him as her comforter for the time being. His kindnesses now would only make the meanness of the future – in which Ember would play a vital, frenemy part, of course – all the meaner, and make her all the wetter.


  1. Definitely mean. The denial is a button pusher for me even if I’m not always sure about the humiliation.

  2. I have asked JB to be “mean to me” and it was fucking amazing. Also, I’m still not sure what inspired the three of you, but I am SO glad it happened around Masturbation Monday! This is absolutely delicious to read.

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