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E is for escape (and eroticon)

I treated myself to a new weekend bag for some upcoming trips I’ve scheduled to break up my sadnesses a little. And so I got to thinking about what I should bring on my excursion to London. I may have overpacked.

I have definitely overpacked.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Jo Jo

    Nah – I’m sure everything you packed will come in handy! 🙂 Have a brilliant time!

  2. Looks like you have everything you need if you ask me 😉


  3. My goodness Hannah is that a ukulele? xx

  4. MPB MPB

    I don’t think you have over packed. Love the bag and it’s potential contents. See you there xx

  5. I think you’ve got it all covered there. I’d love to see the kink session that used ALL of those things… ;-p

  6. Necessary things to travel!

  7. eye eye

    All looks good to me!

  8. As long as you can fit the Doxy in it should be fine lol! I hope you enjoy your trips!
    Aurora x

  9. You should come prepared, right, so not overpacked at all 😉

    Rebel xox

  10. Posy Churchgate Posy Churchgate

    Ha Ha – I love the variety of situations you have covered! Dont forget your dino earrings! Notebook is top of my list also! See you there!

  11. You’ve packed already?! I’m so excited too…I can’t wait to meet you!

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