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Kitten sat on the big, soft armchair in the sun room, her feet tucked neatly underneath her. Sir stood with his back to the windows, in shadow. He held her new collar in his hand. Pink. Diamond trim. She held up her hair so He could fix it around her neck. His fingers stroked the edge of her hairline as He did so. She nuzzled his hand as he stepped to the doorway.

Princess! Come downstairs, I have a present for you!”

She was wearing a nightgown. Soft, pink and floaty. Her bare breasts visible beneath. She entered the room and went immediately to His side, holding His hand tightly.

Look, I got you a pet. You always wanted a kitty to play with – and now you do!”

She looked up at Kitten, perched in her seat, staring at her hopefully.

A kitty, just for me!?”
“Well, Sir might want to play with her too, sometimes. But she is your kitty for the most part. You have to love her and care for her and train her. Can you be a big girl for me and do that?”

Yes, Sir. I’m so excited to have a kitty of my own to play with.”

She sank to her knees and patted them softly. “Come here, kitty-kitty.”

Kitten mewed and clambered off the sofa, unfurling her legs. She padded over to where Princess was knelt on the rug, her tail bouncing, flashing copper, gold and black as she did so. Kitten laid her cheek on Princess’s bare thigh, her backside raised.

Pretty, pretty Kitty.” she murmured, stroking Kitten’s soft, silky ears. “You have a beautiful tail.”
Kitten purred.

Sir watched his girls meeting with satisfaction; then he remembered there was something else to be done.

Princess, look at your kitty’s tail.” Obediently, Kitty turned aroun and arched her back more so Princess could examine her. The plug filled her arse perfectly. As the tail swished back and forth, Princess caught glimpses of her cunt lips, shimmering slightly.

Her tail is so pretty, Sir.”
“Yes it is, but do you see?” here Sir grabbed the end of Kitten’s tail and pulled it upwards.

Kitten’s pussy is very wet, and other boy cats are going to notice. They might want to try and make babies with her, and we don’t want that, do we?”
“No, Sir.”
“So we need to stop boy cats being able to see and smell how wet and aroused she is.”
Sir reached into his pocket and produced a plug with a jewelled end, pink.

And she’s your kitty, so you need to be the grown up and do it for her.”
Princess held the jewel in her fingers. She didn’t speak.

Do you want Sir to help you do it?”
She nodded.

Still holding Kitten’s tail, Sir put his hand over Princess’s and together they brought the plug to Kitten’s hole.

Kitten swallowed as the cold, steel tip entered her. Then she mewed.

See? She even enjoys it a little.” Sir said, and Princess giggled. “Let’s push it in further.”
Kitten ground her paws into the rug, making biscuits as the plug was pushed into her cunt until only the crystal end was visible. Princess reached out and stroked the faceted surface.

I never touched a girl like that before.” She said, quietly. Kitten rested her head on Princess’s warm bare thigh again.

Did you like it?” Sir asked, straightening up and brushing down His trousers.


But?” He coaxed.
“Did I do it right?”
“See for yourself.” He turned her shoulder so her gaze fell downwards to Kitten’s contented face.

I think you did it right.”
Kitten rubbed her face against Princess’s thigh and purred. Princess stroked her ears. Kitten rubbed her face further up Princess’s thigh and purred against the thin mesh of her panties, which was just a little damp. Princess blushed.

Do you like that, baby?”

Mmhmm.” Princess nodded, closing her eyes.

Why don’t you sit down properly, and save your knees?”

At her Master’s voice, Kitten sat up on her hind legs, watching intently as Princess unbent her legs and sat with them spread. Now anyone in the room could see that her panties were not just damp, there was an entire patch of wet, dark against the light coloured fabric, clinging to her cunt.

Princess looked at Sir. Kitten looked at Sir. Sir looked from Kitten’s sparkling holes, to Princess’s wet panties. Kitten looked at Princess’s wet panties, too. Then she looked back at Sir, who nodded.

Kitten arched her back and stalked over to where Princess sat. She ducked her head, immediately she could smell the milky sweetness of the 24 year old’s arousal. As she had done with her mistress’s thigh, she nuzzled the damp patch between Princess’s legs, feeling her protuding clit through the thin fabric. Princess moaned softly.

Siryyy,” She breathed. “Is this allowed?”
“Yes, Princess. Kitty is your present from me. She’s going to love you just as much as I do. And play with you.”

Kitty took this as her cue to bite at the soaking fabric, pulling the knickers away from…

I think Kitty wants to see your Princess parts, Princess.”

I’d like that, Sir.” and Princess hooked her fingers under the elastic and pulled her sheer panties off altogether, handing them to Sir as she always did, leaving Kitten to nuzzle her Princess parts. Princess felt herself swell under the gentle, pressing touch of her Kitten, and stroked her hair, and her ears. Kitten lapped at Princess’s smooth, clean cunt, seeking out her clitoris again and lapping at that, too.

Playing with it as Princess began to whimper louder and louder until Sir jammed her wet panties in her mouth to make her be quiet. It was difficult to bring her perfect, trembling cunt to a climax without the aide of her hands, but Kitten knew she could do it, her backside high in the air, Sir toying with her tail as she devoured Princess’s haven.

Sir positioned himself so that, with the tip of the tail in his hand, tugging ever so gently, he could still bend down and pull down the arms of Princess’s nightgown, exposing her large, milky breasts and huge nipples. Unable to moan against the gag in her mouth, Princess began to whimper again, only quietly this time, and her body shook as the orgasm built inside her, until she was panting, leaning back on her hands, her eyes smarting with tears.

Princess was now very wet, of course and Kitten dutifully, lovingly cleaned up all the mess she had made, her own parts aching, throbbing against the intrusion of her plugs. She felt sweat collecting on her decolletage after her exertions and raised her cuffs to her chest, wiping it away. She was a most contented kitten, and stretched upwards, then, spying a patch of sunlight spreading across the carpet, rolled over onto her back, enjoying the warmth carressing her back. Sir walked over to her, crouched down and scratched her belly. She purred. He pushed two of his fingers into her mouth and she sucked on them, biting only a little when he tried to pull them back out again.

No, naughty Kitten. Bad bad Kitten.”

What is she doing, Sir?” Princess asked, her sore, shaken limbs returned to normal, now.

Kittens like to lick things, baby. Here,” he took Princess’s hand and dipped her two fingers to Kitten’s longing mouth. Kitten licked them hungrily, eyeing Princess’s breasts, still swaying free of her nightgrown. Sir noticed.

I think Kitten has other things she’d like to lick. Let’s sit you down, maybe she’ll come and lie on your lap.”

He sat Princess on the big, soft sofa in the corner.

Here, Kitty Kitty.” she called, and Kitten clambered onto her lap, smiling, settling on her back and taking Princess’s nipple in her mouth. Princess sighed.

After a moment or two, Kitten reached out and began to paw at Princess’s other bare breast, enjoying the weight of the flesh in her palm, the feeling of her nails digging into the soft, warm flesh. Princess gasped.

Is kitty scratching you, baby? That just means she likes you.”

It hurts, Sir.” and Kitten smiled as her nails dug in farther, the skin catching.

Well, maybe it means she wants something. Maybe she’s hungry?”
Kitten shook her head, Princess’s teat caught firmly between her lips.

No, I don’t think she’s hungry.”

Maybe she needs to use her litter tray.”

Kitten shook her head again,

Princess looked at Sir with wide, shining eyes.

I don’t know how to please her, Sir.”
“I think maybe she needs some attention for her kitty-cunt. Maybe you need to show her how much you like her after she showed you. Kitten, on the floor, please.”

Kitten slunk to the carpet, making sure her thighs were parted.

Now you need to get underneath her, Princess. So you can lick her. That’s how she knows you love her.”

Princess looked confused, Sir had to pick her up and lay her down next to Kitten. Then He took Kitten’s legs until she was stood over Princess’s body. She lowered her cunt to Princess’s mouth, and the younger woman licked gingerly at frst, her tongue catching the chill metal of the plug in Kitten’s cunt.

Oh dear, it’s almost as if you don’t want to please kitten or me.” Sir tutted.

I do Sir. I do.” Said Princess immediately, bringing her fingers to her lips and spreading those of kitten’s swollen slit so she could pet and suck on her distended clit.

Kitten arched her back and began to purr. The purr rose from between her thighs as Princess ate her out like a pro and her ministrations made the plugs in her sway, varying the pressure on her parts perfectly.

That’s a good girl, Princess. I think you need to take Kitten’s plug out and replace it with your fingers now, baby.”
She placed the plug flat on her stomach and felt her own cunt jerk when two of her fingers slid easily inside. Kitten came quickly, wetly over Princess’s face. Before they could collapse against one another, Sir had hooked his finger under Kitten’s collar so he could lead her away to her basket. Princess sat up, the plug rolling down onto her belly.

Look, you have a new paci for a little while.” He added to Princess, taking the plug and pushing it between her dry, bitten lips. “I think both you girls need a nap now. So it’s off to bed with you. I’ll wake you when you’ve had enough rest.”
“Can I pet my kitty once more before I go up?”

Only quickly, you both need your rest.” Sir said sternly, only swayed by his Princess’s cute pouty mouth and bare breasts.

Kitten knelt and stroked Kitty’s ears. Then she kissed the tip of her nose.

You are my best and favourite Kitty, ever.”
Kitten purred, contentedly.

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