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New Year Giveaway 

Giveaway time! January is a cold month indeed, and if, like me, you are chunky of leg, finding cute over the knee socks and stockings is a bloody ‘mare.

So I am giving you the chance to win two me-approved items of hosiery:

One pair of xl black stockings (50 denier)
You’ll need a suspender belt but these are great. Lovely and opaque and go over the thigh like a dream.
One pair of American Apparel thigh high socks
Trust me when I say these are utterly adorable and so warm!
Unfortunately they cannot protect you from the dreaded chub rub, or roll-down, but for lounging around feeling like an adorable cosy sex kitten they are A+.

Now of course I cannot guarantee that one size will fit EVERYONE. But I am a British size 22 carrying most of my weight in my legs, so I am confident they will fit most.

The Rules!

1. Open to all genders!

2. Must be following me

3. Must retweet pinned post. (Quote tweets are lovely and appreciated but the original post needs to be retweeted so I can keep count!)

4. UK only

5. Ends January 31st, winner will be drawn from a hat (I’m old school) unless there are a million entries (unlikely) and posted ASAP.

6. That’s all!

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