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In Summer

Is it exhibitionism in your own back garden? In your own space, technically away from the prying eyes of the neighbours but if they happened to hear the scuffle, a moan that escapes a fraction louder than intended, or glance from their bedroom window as his hand moves lower….. What then?

Less than a week is nothing. It’s no time at all to be apart. It’s especially nothing when you don’t stop your steady trickle of conversation and lewd photography. The usual morning sweethearts and goodnight my loves had carried on as normal, even though he was in another country, and on a minimal time difference. Still, I ran into his arms when I got off the bus and stood on my tiptoes gripping him tightly in the middle of the pavement, not wanting to let him go. Turns out a week might be too long, regardless.

Back at his house, I tried to drop my bags in the front room like I usually would, but as I approached the doorway he called my name sharply.


I was surprised, I’d never been forbidden to enter a room before.

“Upstairs. You need to get changed, you’ve been all hot and bothered at work today. Your clothes are on the bed. And you bring the item on the bed with you.”

His room was gloriously cool and dark after the summer sun. The simple white dress he’d bought months ago was hung up, along with a lace bra and nothing else. And he beamed when he saw me return, fresh faced and innocent looking in white. I twirled and preened, as he handed me a glass of lemonade.

He took ‘the item’ from me – tiny, barely there knickers which I wasn’t to put on.

“Good girl. Now, spread your legs. He smiled, wadding up the fabric and working it up inside me. He took my hand.

“Come on.”

Outside there was a blanket on the grass, a chair beside it. The weather had been persistently hot and tiring all day in my stuffy office, but here in the garden it was bearable. Grass under my toes. Late evening sun on my legs. The blissful serenity of being with him.

I sat at his feet – wondering if he could see the plug of lace in my cunt, hoping he could – and received my gifts – my tokens of his affection remaining strong whilst we were apart. I thanked him after each one. They were inconsequential though. All that mattered was that he was back and I was with him.

“Thank you so much; I love them.” I crawled over to where he was sitting and wrapped my arms around his shins to hug him fiercely. I rested my head in his lap and he stroked the back of my neck.
“I missed you.” I muttered into his shorts.

“I missed you, too.” He sighed, and I felt his flesh shift under my cheek. “I thought about you every day, I wished you were there with me to wake up with, to deal with the erections caused by the very thought of you.”

His fingers moved upwards into my hair, stroking and twisting his fingers through it, gripping me more tightly. He pushed my head aside so he could unbutton his flies. He wasn’t wearing underwear, either.

“See how much I missed you?”
He angled his cock towards my mouth and I gladly let him use me as he desired, both of us moaning with pleasure as he swelled and stiffened against my tongue and I relaxed my throat to swallow as much of him as I possibly could.

To have my love use my mouth for his satisfaction was nothing new, but the location was an exciting one. I was very conscious of the neighbours close by, wondering if they could hear us. It didn’t matter though, I choked him down and braced myself against his thighs to see how deep I could take it, only briefly stopping to apply lipstick as a marker for how far along the shaft I could take him.

Unable to yank the neckline of my dress down to expose my breasts, he reached behind me and pulled at the hem until it was around my chest, exposing my body to the early evening air. Naked, to all intents and purposes. A stranger at the gate wouldn’t notice the tight band of fabric above my breasts, only goggle at my backside and the lace between my thighs. He grabbed at my breasts and sighed and thrust harder.

“I missed this. I missed these tits which I own, that arse….”

I mumbled against the cock in my mouth in agreement, my nails digging into his thighs, choking and spluttering over his erection until he withdrew and I looked up at him with glassy eyes.

“I’m so close.” he breathed. as I slid his lubed cock between my breasts impatiently, desperate to feel his release on my body, craving it after the short time apart which had felt like a lifetime.

“On my tits.”

“Oh yes.” He groaned, pulling back only enough to take aim and release the load which I had earned over my flesh.

“Oh that’s my messy girl.”

In silent euphoria, I rested my head on his thigh once more, and began to clean him, so grateful that he was back.


  1. May May

    What a sexy evening that was – good idea regarding using the lipstick as a marker. Also, i find with my man that sometimes his engorged cock is larger than others 😉

  2. Oh I loooooved this. Not just because it was deliciously sexy and kinky but because it took me back to my own LDR with John Brownstone several years ago. When we were together again, we made the most of it but everything was enhanced too. “See how much I missed you?” Yeah, that’s right from my memories. 😀

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