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Meet Me There

For girls who enjoy dominant AF girls

She cornered me after half an hour threading through the sticky, endless darkness. Her fingers laced through mine and dragging me to somewhere even darker, thicker with the scent of new leather, sugar and sex.

“I told you I’d come and you know why I came.” She whispered urgently, taking my hands and placing them on the hem of her tiny mini dress. “No knickers. No obstacles. No rules. No boys.”

Then she slammed me against the wall, pawing at my breasts through my camisole, yanking the material down and bringing my bra with it.

“I fucking want you.” she moaned into my ear, bending down to  bite my neck as my hands explored the curves of her glorious arse and moved under her skirt as if they had a mind of their own. She was already dripping.

I went to move my fingers deeper into her, but she bobbed lower, licking then biting my nipple, so I brought the hand back to my mouth and sucked the fingers clean.

“Does that taste good?” She moaned against my breasts, her own hands seeking out my underwear and yanking it down to my knees. “Let’s see how good you taste, babygirl.”

First I felt both her thumbs spreading my cunt. Then, she got on her knees and brought her face beneath my skirt, her breath low and constant, as though she was deciding where she wanted to explore first. Her tongue traced my inner lips and my knees buckled. As I stood, still sucking her taste from my fingers, she pursed her lips around my clit and pinched her thumbs firmly around my fat outer lips, making me squeal.

I realised my eyes had been closed, and opened them, convinced everyone would be watching, but we were so hidden, few eyes glanced our way as I watched. The ones that did nodded approvingly. I remembered my exposed breasts, wet with her spit, and brought my hand up to them, squeezing the flesh and pinching the nipples, suddenly desiring eye contact from everyone who passed, to see someone stop and bring a hand to their cock or cunt as they watched us.

She was licking around my tight little hole now, so tight that she couldn’t push her tongue inside. Frustrated, she went back to sucking my clit and used her fingers instead, stretching me sharply, her only interest fitting as many fingers as she could inside, not the intrusion into my cunt. I moaned louder, deeper as she sped up. Pinching my nipples so hard they were sore for days and days after.

Then she stopped.

She stood, her face wet with my cum, smirking. She stared into my face, panting and sweaty.

“I’ve got a room.”


  1. WOW! This was incredibly hot…sizzlin’!!! ?

    • They have other stories, I am just locating them on my laptop. I should have a filing system!

  2. […] the two protagonists from Meet Me There were not contained to that tale alone. I think this is from earlier on in their story. […]

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