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Cuckqueaning is my new jam, apparently.

I knew what I was there for. They didn’t tell me but they planned it between them. And one night, invited me over after work. We watched TV, ate pizza and he felt me up during an extended edition of Newsnight, after noticing how obvious the imprint of my nipples was through my T-shirt. He was sat between us, groping my tits as she slid her hand inside his flies and watched us, stroking him firmly.

He made me hold the hem of my top over my head and unclasped my bra so he could work his tongue around my nipples, alternating, covering them in spit and making my heart thud when her manipulations of his cock made him moan against my skin.

She stood up and stepped around him to take my hand. “Come on.” she smiled, leading me to their bedroom, which I’d never seen before. The lights were low and the window was open. A chair was placed facing the bed; it looked very small compared to the huge, inviting space covered with a floral quilt.

She sat me on the chair and helpfully removed my T-shirt and bra, and then my skirt. I had noticed the handful of ties on the dressing table beside the window, but not considered what they might be needed for.

“Now, can you sit still, or do we need to hold you in place?”
Off my thoughtful silence she grabbed the nearest – blue silk – and placed my arms behind the back of the chair, knotting them together.

“Now, you could untie them yourself if you absolutely had to, but you won’t will you”? She looked down on me indulgently and I nodded.

“No, I won’t.”

“Good girl. Now remember, be quiet. No matter what.” Her smile broadened; she always looks beautiful but somehow looked even moreso at that moment. She pressed her lips briefly to my forehead and straightened up, revealing him stood leaning in the doorway, his cock curving upwards out of his unbuttoned jeans.

“Beautiful.” He said softly, talking directly to her, not to me or the looping restraints at my wrists. He took her in his arms and kissed her, his hands gathering the barely-there fabric of her skirt to reveal her arse to me. He glanced at me from over her shoulder.

And then it began.

He looked at me with scornful lust in his eyes.

“This is turning you on, isn’t it? Watching us together. You know what’s coming next you dirty little cunt. You’re desperate to watch us fuck, fucking desperate to see my cock pounding into her, to hear her moan, to smell her as she comes. You’re a pathetic thing aren’t you? So sad and useless and pathetic.

I stared up at him, unblinking and nodding.

He pushed her onto the bed and let his hands roam under her frock, kissing her stomach, her thighs, her vulva. She ran her fingers through his hair, holding him against her body. She had already forgotten I was even there, or so I thought.

“Yessss….” she breathed, grabbing at her own swollen nipples as he took her underwear down just enough for him to begin eating her in earnest, hooking her long legs around his neck.
“Do you remember that time you told her you wanted to watch her fuck herself and the stupid little slut couldn’t wait to send you that video and show you how sloppy and wet obeying your orders made her? Did she know I was beside you in bed when she sent it? Sucking your big…. thick….Ngh…..” she halted, lost in pleasure for a moment or two and I waited impatiently for her to continue.

My knickers were getting wetter, my nipples so hard they would have burst through my clothing.

He came up for air briefly.

“She’s jealous that you get to fuck me, get to ride on this dick whenever you feel like it and she has to be patient and wait for a photo of me wanking.”

She pushed his head back between her legs and began to fuck his face.

“You like seeing him pleasure me? You like it and you hate it, don’t you?” I could only nod.

“You wish you could feel his tongue right now. That’s such a shame. Such a pity. Pitiful girl.”

He was holding onto her like a life-preserver as she writhed into the blankets. When she came it was a crescendo of strings and piano; as soon as her body fell back onto the pillows he was crawling up to join her, kissing her, wrapping his arm around her middle as if protecting her from anyone who might dare to steal her away. She turned to face him and wrapped her fingers tightly around his erection, so close to the edge, so ready for her warmth. She leaned in closely and murmured something in his ear that I didn’t catch, only his wicked grin and nod. He shrugged off his jeans and moved away from the bed to the wardrobe. I watched him, then switched my focus to her. She was gently tracing patterns across her stomach, humming the opening bars to the Indiana Jones theme. She caught my eye and we both giggled softly.

I noticed the implement in his hand first.

“Now here is a thing, and a very pretty thing, and what is the owner of this pretty thing to do?” he sang as he reached behind the cabinets for a plug. The wand buzzed into life abruptly and made me start.

“Spread your- oh! I see you already have.” He jammed it between my thighs unceremoniously and I bit my lips together to keep my enforced vow of silence.

She had somehow acquired a roll of gaffer tape and passed this over to him, eagerly watching him make sure the toy wax fixed in place. He took great pleasure in adjusting the power to full and watching my eyes widen in horrified excitement, before sliding it back a few steps to a slightly less intense buzz. A buzz that spread through my body and which I didn’t think I could handle for long, nonetheless.

“She’s had quite enough of your attention. Let’s give the stupid little bitch what she wants.”

She pulled him back onto the bed, ravenous for him, ravenous to claim him and show me what I was never going to have. She stood over him, triumphantly surveying what she owned and slipped out of her dress like a butterfly shedding its’ cocoon, and then straddled his hips, sinking down onto his erection and giving me a cursory look of satisfaction as she leant back and displayed herself for him – for us – riding him slowly, her hips smooth and sultry.

“God I love how good he feels inside me. I love watching him fuck me, watching his cock drive into my cunt. I especially love showing off and fucking him in front of disgusting little fuckpuppets like you, who get wet watching people they’ll never have.”

I was surprised at how much she was into this, how easily the words of debasement and belittling fell from her mouth and stung me beautifully. He was enraptured by her face as she let me know exactly how worthless and pathetic I was. She was a queen, queen of everything. He kissed her chest and neck and held her tightly, basking in the light of her loveliness and driving his cock into her harder, and harder and I sat, bound to my chair with my body vibrating with arousal but to tightly wound to come.

“And by the way,” she added – speeding up as his moans grew louder and more out of control. “He’s going to come in me. He’s going to shoot a hot load of come deep inside my cunt and maybe if you’re good we’ll let you clean up. But you won’t get to see him empty a load on my face or my tits. Sucks to be you.”
With that he growled and pulled her closer to kiss her, groaning against her mouth as he came and she slammed her body against him, draining his cock of every last drop.

I was close too, I closed my eyes and tried my hardest not to come. I knew I wasn’t allowed to. I knew I had to be quiet and sit still and do as I was told.
After a moment or two, they both turned to look at me, red faced and shaking ever so slightly. Her face softened and she clambered off him to my side.

“Do you want to come or do you want to be untied?”
I made no answer and she went on.

“You may speak.”

“I want what you want.” I said in a small voice.
“Well then,” she nodded, leaning over me and unwound the tie, her breasts so tantalisingly close to my mouth I could hardly stand it. “What I want, is to see you come. And then you can clean me up. And then…… I think you might like a cuddle?”

“I concur.” Came his voice from the bed. “I am very interested in seeing you come.”

“You’re predictable.” She replied laughingly.

She increased the power on the wand again.

“Now young lady, let’s finish you off.”


  1. Excellent. That debasement and denial is both sexy and uncomfortable for me. And I love that

  2. Posy Churchgate Posy Churchgate

    I agree with what Cara T said

  3. When I started reading this story my laptop was on my lap, where else, and halfway through I had to shift it over to the side. I enjoyed your story, Hannah.

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