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Share our Shit Saturday!

Well, I am no longer shadowbanned! So to celebrate, I’m going to do what I was planning on anyway, a #SoSS post highlighting my favourite pieces from the past week (or a little older than that, in the case of at least one.) I hope you find something new, or someone new from this little selection!

The Geography of a Lover – By Molly

I’m not going to lie, as my own heart is still a little bruised, this beautiful piece made me weepy, so closely do Molly’s words match up with how I still feel for my lost love. You can feel in the very bones how much she adores her husband and it is gorgeous to behold.

River – by Confess_Hannah

This will make you tremble. Though I was tucked up warmly in bed as I read it, I could feel the icy water on my skin, so skilled a work this is. Bold and scary and sensual.
TW: D/s, Immersion

Warm Down – by Exhibit A

Just the best. Exhibit A is the writer I want to be (well, at this exact moment he is), it all seems so effortless, and he will tend to hit my triggers pretty easily – oral sex, female submission, lingering, teasing waits. Delicious.

Tegan and Sara and My First Sort of Love – By Girly Juice

This is a sweet and aching story of discovering love, and yourself.

Sniffy – by Molly (Again!)

What can I say, Molly sent me this link in the course of a conversation and it’s great and you should read it. For knicker-sniffers everywhere.

Crying After Sex – Two Stories – By GOTN

Everyone shared this story over the course of the past seven days, and with good reason. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and will possibly speak to you the way it spoke to me, as someone who has so often broken down after sexual experiences. Reading this will remind you you’re not alone.

And that’s your lot for this week! I am going to try and do this every week if I can. Now go and read these wonderful authors!


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