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  1. I’d be tempted to stick those stickers all over you but then I can be very silly. Lovely image.

  2. Oh this is such fun!! Fantastic! Xxx

  3. This is such a playful, cute shot and I LOVE the JP theme! Now it’s stuck in my head!

  4. I LOVE you sexy little pigtails peeking over the top of the book

  5. Love the bunches! Though never mind the book – I think the beast you’re looking for is right there in front of you…

  6. I’m with the others – I love the pigtails. Adds such a naughty feel to the image ?

  7. What a randomly fabulous photo! Dinosaur was definitely a D word I hadn’t thought of! Love it!
    Aurora x

  8. This is such a cute and playful image. One of my favourite this week.

  9. ROOOOAAAARRRRR!! Great fun image!

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