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The awkward first post, post

Don’t mind me as I get to grips with yet another blog. Enjoy some kitteny, delicious filth:

Denial (Extract)

“I missed you so much it made my head spin.”

He said.

“Well I missed you so much it made my knees weak.” I replied.
He lead me towards the bedroom.

“Well I missed you so much it ruined my appetite.”

He sat me down on the bed and rubbed the towel over my skin to soak up the residue.

“I missed you so much…. is that my present?” my mind wandered as I noticed a blue paper bag in the doorway.

“You only missed me because you knew you’d get a present! Tut tut.” He took the towel away so I was naked, and began to dry my hair.

“So, is it my present or not?” I pressed, as he went in search of the hair-dryer.

“You know what your present is.” He plugged it in and stepped in front of me “Do you want to do this yourself?”
“Yes please.”
He handed it over and watched me run it over my hair, lying back to reach for my hairbrush, still hidden in it’s usual place under the pillow. I felt around, my eyes still on him, til I could grab the handle. He nodded.

“Very clever. We’ll have to blindfold you and see what else you’re capable of when deprived of your senses.”
He was ready with the hairbands when I was satisfied with my hair, and pulled it into two neat little plaits. He held hold of them when he was done and tugged them gently.

“Let’s get you into your pjs.”
“But it’s early. It’s not even dark outside. And it’s Friday, bedtime rules don’t apply!” I whined, but he was already at the chest of drawers, picking out a cami and some shorts. I put them on grumpily. As grumpy as I’d been two weeks earlier when he’d been packing to leave. He noticed. With one of my legs in my shorts he pushed me back onto the bed, and leant over me, rubbing and pushing the free fabric into and against my cunt. It hurt.

“Good girls don’t pout. Good girls don’t whine. Good girls know that Sir knows best.” he growled.

“Good girls come when Sir says.” I whispered. He was alternating his touch, rough then gentle, and I was getting closer again. “I waited for you. I would wait forever for you. My pleasure means nothing without you.”

He kissed me, the fortnight’s stubble around his mouth grazed me, spurred me on. I ground my cunt against his hand, then his thigh when he brought his hands up to my body.

“Such a needy little kitten. Such a needful, sopping wet cunt she has for her keeper. How I missed that cunt. How I missed you. All of you.”

“Let me suck your cock.” I moaned into his hair.

“Oh kitten, you know exactly what to say. But you’ve been so good. So very, very, very good,” he moaned too, each word punctuated with hot, wet, burning kisses that branded me. “I’m going to fuck you, Good Girl.” He promised.

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    Enjoyed this. Looking forward to reading more ?

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